Fairytale houses

Have you ever wondered how would it be like to live in your own little world of fairytales? Have you ever wished for you own oasis far away from everyday life?We can make your dream come true with these wonderful fairytale houses.


Fairytale houses

Kremenko LTD has been doing business under that name since 1997. It is a family company in which two generations work. We have been creating mobile Fairytale thermo houses with our modern technology since 2011.

Kremenko construction

At the 2014 Innovation Fair TESLA FEST we have won the golden plaque for the way of construction and in 2015 we have won the golden plaque for design.

We are the owners of the patent number 59823 since 2016.

Contact Radoslav Kremenovic 063 53 22 77,
Đurđinka Kremenovic 063 72 73 688 ,
Email: rock.selo.kremenko@gmail.com.

Mobile Fairytale thermo houses give you the possibility of an extraordinary experience. They are the combination of innovation, art, free creativity, creative expression, endless possibilities and practical functionality. Emphasis is put on both the decorative character of the house as well as the use value of the house. Each house is unique. Each detail on the house is the pure intention of the creator, we use the freedom of the moment and make it possible without limitations. These houses are a novelty compared to previously known methods of construction.

Each fairytale house is a unique master piece made for enjoyment. We want to know more about which houses would interest you and how you plan to use them. The understanding of your vision will help us to we respond to your request more precisely. We talk to every client.

Stories, legends and myths

We invite you to a fantastic journey of discovery of fairytales, making children’s dreams come true – here, together with us you can tell you own story which we will transform into reality. We wish to invite you to discover the fairytale you have dreamed about or a story that is just yours, never been written, never been told… we will make your fantasy come true and build a fairytale house just for you.

Life in a fairytale

Today anything is possible, so is living in a house that looks like one from Hansel and Gretel, house of a princess in the shape of a seashell or inside a tree. Look at some of the fairytale houses.